Eight High-Growth Sectors Every Leader and Investor Should Have on Their Radar

Early investments in these sectors now could equal major returns later on.

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Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dabbling in the financial world, you’re likely looking for the “next big thing” to put your money toward. There are a number of promising opportunities to choose from, but as financial leaders and advisers in this space, the members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective suggest that these eight sectors have high-growth potential now and in the future.

From sustainable options such as green energy to evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, these sectors are growing in both popularity and necessity — meaning early investments now could equal major returns later on.

Millennial trends and spending

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“Pay attention to trends surrounding Millennials and how they spend their money and time because the largest wealth transfer is now passing from Baby Boomers to Millennials. If you are looking for outsized returns, you can look here. If you are looking for steady returns that are much less likely to fail, stick with asset classes like industrial real estate or anything that supports the growth of e-commerce as well as multifamily real estate — given that it’s a good price base and the net operating income will leave you in good shape.” Justin Donald, Lifestyle Investor

Green energy

“Green energy has been a promising sector for years, and it continues to get less attention than it deserves. The world will inevitably move away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable energy sources because we can't sustain life as we know it without this shift. As Millennials move into leadership positions and Gen Z ages into voting, I expect to see much more pressure on governments and corporations to regulate fossil fuels and support green energy initiatives.” Dana Miranda, Healthy Rich

Interactive technology

“I am interested in companies and platforms that allow consumers to experience and interact with products even if they cannot be there in person — for example, digital try-on technology for glasses or live shopping.” Trae Bodge, Trae Bodge Media, LLC

Women empowerment

“I believe there is a tremendous amount of opportunity in women, and we've been focusing on that space for the last seven years. More women are becoming empowered to be in control of finances, have a seat at the table, be single and independent and are wanting to be in control longer or are outearning their male spouses.” — Nicholle Overkamp, Wilcox Financial Group, LLC

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AI in finance

“The future of finance is being transformed by AI, changing the way we interact with money. We can now scale and personalize financial advice thanks to advancements in large language models. With the imminent Great Wealth Transfer — an estimated $84 trillion over decades — Millennials and Gen Xers will require comprehensive financial planning. As a tech-first generation, they demand digital-first experiences. By leveraging vast data with AI and advanced API integrations, builders like myself have the opportunity to deliver streamlined experiences that are both personalized and actionable to end users.” Ramona Ortega, My Money My Future

Interpersonal skills 

“A promising sector is anything related to people skills or soft skills, such as coaching, social work, therapy, mediation and counseling. As technology evolves, the services that may be toughest to replace could be those that require empathy, intuition and a human touch.” Adam Kol, The Couples Financial Coach

The Latino community

“The Latino community in the United States is one of the fastest growing demographics and with the least amount of access to competent and ethical financial advice. The potential is endless.” Louis Barajas, International Private Wealth

Blockchain technology

“Blockchain technology is in the process of transforming the incumbent technology in the payments, crypto and banking systems with a slew of other major cross-industry applications with smart contracts and increased security.” Bill Hortz, Institute for Innovation Development

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Kiplinger Advisor Collective

Kiplinger Advisor Collective is the premier criteria-based professional organization for personal finance advisors, managers, and executives.